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EDUCATE AI Bootcamp Modules 1 2 day

AI Adoption

  • Educate, Ideate, Experiment
  • Hub and Spoke models
  • Building An AI-first Culture

What is gen ai?

  • LLMs and Use Cases
  • Prototyping and building your own LLM
  • Building the business case
  • Prompt Engineering 101

Ethics & Governance

  • Guardrails
  • Regulations
  • Privacy and IP
ideate Opportunity workshops 1 day

Problems to solve

Identify customer pain points

Surface ai driven solutions

Match AI capabilities to use cases

Proof Of concept

Test ideas in narrow , defined environments to de-risk deployment

experiment poc factory


  • Build your own IP using open source solutions, tested in your own environment using your own proprietary data


  • Surface off-the-shelf solutions


  • License solutions or bring in an agile team
Data Audit


  • We will run the ruler over your existing data to see if you are ready for adoption
Asian Business Man Discussion and Analysis Data the Charts

Data as an asset

  • Data preparedness, fit for purpose, classification, object detection, entity extraction, de-duplication, cleaning

Black Screen With Code

Existing algorithms

  • Efficacy, ethical use and risks

Build your own gen AI Applications

build products using chatgpt

Create plugins and chatbots for your existing products and services

build your own llm

  • Create your own conversational AI on your own proprietary data

use gen ai for workflows

  • Automate emails, customer services, data entry and decision making

meet the team

Mark Riley was formerly the Director of Innovation and Corporate Ventures at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal in NYCl. In this role he was responsible for shaping the future

of media by engaging with emerging AI startups and rapidly testing new product ideas. As an early adopter of design school thinking, he helped colleagues identify new AI-powered business opportunities, prototype those ideas and take them to market.

Formerly he had his own corporate venturing consultancy in London and helped launch new ventures for British Telecom, eBay and Amazon, and drove rapid growth for online opinion and data startup Yougov. Since returning to the UK in 2021 Mark has completed the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme at Said Business School

Mark A J Riley


Ed Daniels is an AI wizard and recent Film and Television with Innovation Masters graduate from Bristol University. He gained national news coverage and funding from the university for his GPT detector.

Ed has worked as an AI consultant for multiple companies, bringing his passion for innovation and expertise to help identify new AI-powered business opportunities and ways to interact with data. Before graduation, Ed went viral multiple times for his creations of Instagram filters and deep fakes

Ed Daniels

Chief Creative Architect

Ramin Beheshti was the Group Chief Product and Technology Officer for Dow Jones, a position he held from January 2017 until February 2021. Mr. Beheshti was responsible for the global

technical strategy, delivery and operations across all of the company’s customer facing products and internal technology, including digital product development, software engineering, cloud infrastructure and information security.

Ramin Beheshti


George runs Vounder, a specialist consultancy, established in 2018, implementing data solutions in the insurance world. George graduated from Bristol University

in 2012, with Honours in Mathematics and Physics

George has worked implementing data solutions at several leading London Market insurers, including Lloyd’s of London and advising start-ups bringing insurtech solutions to the forefront of the industry.

George Wright


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What's in a name?

Alan Mathison Turing

"The father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence"

FT LIVE Limited offer Nov 2023

Half-day AI Strategy workshop - £4500.00 + VAT

Onsite / online

Half day

2 x faciliators, 20+ attendees

  • Knowledge Share 1 - a review of your existing business strategy and goals
  • Knowledge Share 2 - a review of your data sets and workflow
  • Knowledge Share 3 - a high-level introduction to classical AI, generative AI, and recent breakthroughs in capabilities
  • Knowledge Share 4 - deeper dive into tools, tricks, prompt engineering, and relevant use cases
  • Problem identification - surface and prioritize problems to solve
  • AI Solutions - ideas prioritized by impact, risk profile, and feasibility


  • A renewed understanding of the latest AI capabilities aligned with your business strategy
  • A range of innovative ideas for AI adoption
  • An actionable AI experimentation plan